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Penyusuan Ibu – Tips yang sangat berguna!


Di bawah ni adalah interview saya melalui email dengan pakar laktasi, Puan Rita Rahayu (boleh tengak kolum dia dalam majalah PAMA.

Assalamu’alaikum wrt wbt…

Saya ada beberapa soalan.

1. Should I awake my baby for breastfeed?
Yes, you must not wait for breast to be full but just feed on demand .
should be every 2 to 3 hours

2. Is it enough if I just breastfeed my baby if he get jaundis without putting him under sunlight?

Breastfeeding is enough

3. My friend breastfeed her daugther exclusively but not direct. She gives by using bottle. Is it pumping and giving direct is different?
Basic rule is you should make sure that you maintain demand. So, feed more
frequent directly. If at work you should pump consistently. Pumping should
not be a replacement for breastfeeding. A pump is a tool to help you to
maintain demand when not able to feed direct. So what your fren is doing is
not right. Feeding direct and pumping differs coz stimulation effect is
different. If you have a really good pump ie. Pump in style or spectra then
it will still be ok because stimulation effect from these pumps mimic actual
abby sucking rhythm. But you must pump around 8 times a day to maintain

4. Is it true that cold water and ice will cause colic?

No. itu old wives tale.

5. What is the cause of hick-up (sedu)? How to stop it?

Its ok. Sedu is harmless.


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